Target weekly deals just for you! Available for this week only!

Target Weekly Deals!!! Here are some great deals, discounts, and coupon codes from Target online just for you! This week, grab these Target online deals such as 40% off all bed & bath products as well as the latest deals on electronics, clothing, and home including sweaters starting at $15. Check out all the Target online […]

How to Find the Right Homeschooling Curriculum for Your Family

Going all in on a homeschooling curriculum with the chance that it might not work out can cause a lot of anxiety. No parent wants to pay for an expensive curriculum that will not benefit their child. However, there are a lot of fantastic homeschool curricula out there. You just need to do your homework. […]

Why Pemmican is The Ultimate Survival Food & How To Make It

If you’re looking for the ultimate survival food that’s great for all types of emergency situations or for your next adventure, consider the pemmican. Pemmican is a portable, highly nutritious and long-lasting food that was invented by the native peoples of North America. Like this post? Share it!

Why Sleep and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand Plus Sleeping Tips

A recent study was done by the University of Arizona Health Science sleep researchers about sleep loss and its effects on weight gain. The sleep and weight loss study found that not getting enough sleep resulted to junk food cravings, nighttime snacking, obesity, and diabetes. If you’re having a hard time losing weight, consider your sleeping patterns. Are […]

Keto Diet for Pregnant Women: What You Need To Know

The unconventional ketogenic diet has swept the whole world with its proven health benefits and weight loss success rates. Who would have thought that a diet that’s high in fat and oil would help you to lose weight?? Not only does the keto diet effective in losing weight, it can also help those suffering from epilepsy, […]

Crowd-funding for The Salaam-Peace-Shanti Project

We have started crowd-funding for our non-profit organization Salaam Peace Shanti. Read our proposal and donate below. Let’s end ignorance and hatred between ALL religions, and promote peace and love through the Arts! Hope to jam with you soon. Asalaam Alaikum (peace be with you)! Like this post? Share it!

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