Crowd-funding for The Salaam-Peace-Shanti Project

We have started crowd-funding for our non-profit organization Salaam Peace Shanti. Read our proposal and donate below. Let’s end ignorance and hatred between ALL religions, and promote peace and love through the Arts! Hope to jam with you soon. Asalaam Alaikum (peace be with you)! Like this post? Share it!

What Is Manifest Destiny?

Morse is a songwriter/poet that is passionate about promoting peace and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims through his music and poetry. He is currently writing a play called Manifest Destiny, which is a love story between fictional characters, Haj Bhutto, the Prime Minister of the Sultan of Sulu and Elena Cortiz, an American teacher who […]

Muslim Youth Charity Volunteering for Peace

Muslim youth charity project called Kapamagogopa Inc is investing on the Muslim youth volunteering for peace in the conflict-ridden region of Mindanao, The Philippines. These young men and women will work with organizations in the area to promote peace and development – a dream that has yet to be realized after 500 years of disputes. They will serve […]

Islamic Perspective on the Afterlife

The Islamic perspective on the afterlife is beautifully written in this article from by Huma Ahmed. I had to share this as a reminder to myself to do good, to coexist with all human beings in peace, and to live my life for Judgement Day. It’s just a great read for anyone who wants […]

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