Crowd-funding for The Salaam-Peace-Shanti Project

Crowd-funding for Salaam Peace Shanti

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We have started crowd-funding for our non-profit organization Salaam Peace Shanti. Read our proposal and donate below. Let’s end ignorance and hatred between ALL religions, and promote peace and love through the Arts! Hope to jam with you soon. Asalaam Alaikum (peace be with you)!

Crowd-funding for SALAAM – A Center for Peace through Music, Poetry & the Arts

(SalaamSelf Advancement through Labor, Arts, Alternative Methods & Music)

Goals of Salaam-Peace-Shanti as Non-Profit Organization:

  1. To bridge the gaps of misunderstanding between Muslims and non-Muslims around the world through the use of Music, Poetry & Prose, Visual Arts, Dances, Lecture Series, Sports, and universal human spirituality.
  2. To use Music and the Arts as a means of finding points of commonality between Muslims and non-Muslims (to deflect conflicts and misunderstanding between and among different cultures and religions).
  3. To initiate educational programs using Music and the Arts as a tool to eliminate narrow-mindedness and intolerance among Muslims especially among Muslim youth.
  4. To create forums, dialogues and lecture series through which misunderstanding between Muslims and non-Muslims could be bridged through the use of music, poetry, dances, visual arts, human spirituality and other secular processes common to all cultures.
  5. To organize concerts (for peace and development) through which musicians from all religious backgrounds could share the stage to play their music/songs that promote love, understanding, tolerance, open-mindedness, and peace.
  6. To develop future community leaders among youth participants in a series of youth leadership training emphasizing volunteerism, entrepreneurship, self-initiative, self-reliance, love, harmony, community service, and community development.
  7. To establish a coffee shop/meeting place; a free venue for artists, writers, musicians, poets, dancers, where they could exhibit their talents freely, or sell their paintings, read their poetry, sing their songs (and sell their CD’s), dance their dances, write their novels, etc. in pursuit of peace, tolerance, love, and understanding. (The Coffee Shop is tentatively called: “Poets, Writers, Artists Cafe” or “Salaam-Peace-Shanti Cafe”…” Guitars, Books)
  8. To help protect the environment through a series of educational lectures here and abroad (in coordination with universities and proper government agencies) as well as to help create National Park System in countries where the environment is being abused and biodegradable resources are being wasted out of ignorance and lack of alternative methods for day-to-day life.

Programs aimed to achieve the goals of Salaam through crowd-funding funds

  1. An After-School Music Program for the Youth – through donations and other funding, Salaam will bring affordable musical instruments (like guitars and keyboards) to needy youth in the community, and teach them how to play instruments.
  2. Organize song-writing seminars, poetry appreciation, and lecture series through which youth could learn poetry, music, and the arts (in relation to a positive lifestyle).
  3. Organize inter-faith, inter-racial youth leadership programs and lecture series designed to develop leadership, entrepreneurship, tolerance, harmony and understanding among the youth.
  4. Organize community concerts through which youth could play their music to the public.
  5. Organize sports tournaments or summer leagues in the community through which youth could be engaged in self-development activities that could teach them leadership and other life-skills through the use of sports.
  6. Organize musicals where the youth could display their skills in music, songwriting, musical composition, and acting.
  7. Manage a non-profit Cafe or restaurant in the community where youth could learn business skills, projects management, entrepreneurship, and labor. This coffee shop will also act as a venue through which youth could play their music for free.

Base of Operations for Salaam

  1. Sulu, The Philippines
  2. Santa Cruz, California U.S.A.
  3. Sarajevo, Bosnia
  4. India

Number of youth targeted by the program in each country

  1. 30 teenagers from Sarajevo, Bosnia
  2. 30 teenagers from Sulu, The Philippines
  3. 30 teenagers from Santa Cruz, California U.S.A.
  4. India

Morsidy Husin is the founder of Salaam-Peace-Shanti non-profit organization. Help our crowd-funding project and donate today by clicking on this link to help turn this dream project into a reality. Let’s make this world a better and safer place for ALL human beings. You can check out his music and poetry here.

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