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Fun math resources? Math? Fun?? Math typically isn’t the first thing people think of when it’s summer. Since it’s so important to keep the learning going, especially for this essential skill, here are some math resources from Educents that are actually FUN so you can keep your kids on track during the hottest months of the year. From music videos to volcanic explosions, these are great resources to have fun learning math.

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1. Rock n Learn: Early Math

These DVD’s are super fun. They have rock, and even hip-hop to help kids get excited about learning math. The Early Math DVDs cover addition & subtraction, telling time, and money & making change. Each DVD has 12 to 18 video segments, and each video lasts about an hour.

Rock n Learn: Early Math

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2. Math Slam

It is what it sounds like – sort of like a Bop It for math learning, this tool uses sounds and lights – and slams – to engage kids in a fun contest of math acuity. There are 3 levels, with13 questions each. When they lower their time to answer, they boost their score!

Math Slam

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 3. ShillerMath Fraction Set

ShillerMath’s Fraction Set is a comprehensive supplement to any math curriculum. Part of why it’s great is it’s hands-on and incorporates visual, kinesthetic and practical learning. It includes a fractions lesson book, answer guide, parent guide, catchy songs, and unlimited downloadable resources.

ShillerMath Fraction Set

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 4. Magic School Bus Math Explosion

Mix a little hands-on science with the math and you’ve got active learners on your hands! As a student, it was difficult for me to grasp math concepts I didn’t see applied in the real world. Here’s a delightful antidote for young learners.

Magic School Bus Math Explosion

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These are just some of the fun math resources for kids that you can find over at Educents. There are tons more so hop on over to Educents and take advantage of those discounts. Happy shopping!

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