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Dyslexia is “a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that does not affect general intelligence,” according to Google. Dyslexia has been well researched and there are great programs out there for Dyslexic learners. Here are four fun and helpful resources for Dyslexic kids. 

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If you’re not sure if your child is struggling with it, there is a good blog post by Educents can help you catch signs early. Don’t have a dyslexic learner? Read on – these are great tools for all learners!

Play Telephone!

Dyslexia - Auditory Feedback Phone

Hello? Auditory feedback WHAT? This fun phone seems like a toy but it’s secretly helping with auditory feedback – something dyslexic kids have a bit more trouble with than their peers.

Designed by a teacher to help with comprehension, reading, and fluency, this phone is great for stuttering, autism, ADP as well as dyslexia.


Fluency For the Win!

Dyslexia Fluency Bundle

Reading fluency can be a particular challenge for dyslexic kids. This fluency practice packet includes 7 themes and 44 weekly fluency practice cards to help children master both comprehension and fluency. A great tool for after school, or in your homeschool. Plus, it’s adorable.


The Midas Type

Dyslexia - Touch Typing Program for Kids

Typing is a huge part of learning and many careers – it also happens to help dyslexic learners with skills like reading, spelling, and vocab!

Because it’s multi-sensory and lends itself to muscle memory, typing is a unique way dyslexic learners can master these important areas. The Touch Type Read and Spell Program can be used as a standalone touch-typing course and is especially useful for those with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.


Minecraft Themed Homeschooling (yes please)

dyslexia minecraft curriculum

Since dyslexia can affect math reasoning, writing, handwriting, sequencing, and socialization, it’s important to tailor all types of learning. Or at least be aware!

I really like this program for homeschoolers – just as good for moms that are supplementing classwork. Why? Because Minecraft is HUGE. And this “Fun-Schooling” program is really fun – kids get to move around and be active in the lesson. It also uses the Dyslexie Font to make reading and learning easier for dyslexic learners.

Who’s it for? Kids with a 2nd-grade reading level.


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Happy learning!
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