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Here’s why giving gifts of music and art for your kids are so important to me. Growing up in a musically-inclined family deeply instilled my passion for music at a very young age. Thank you parents! Picking up the guitar and being able to jam to my favorite songs gave me an outlet that I needed in life to creatively express myself and release any negative emotions that were festering in my mind.

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As a kid going into my teens, I truly believe that music set me on a positive path of creative expression and gave me the discipline and the perseverance to achieve any goal that I set out for myself. So this holiday season, I thought I’d share some inspiring gifts for the young ones in your life. Start them young, and help the world find the next master musician/artist that will inspire us all and make this world a better place! Here are great gifts of music and art for your budding artist broken down in the following categories:

  • Music – appreciation, and musicianship.
  • Hands-on visual art and art history.
  • Digital art & design.

Each section is geared toward an age range, but let’s be honest – there are plenty of adults in your life that will like these too!

The Art (and Sound) of Music

Maestro Classics Complete Set

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

Dive into the depths of music appreciation and storytelling with the Maestro Classics 12 CD Music Collection.

The high-quality collection includes 12 CDs, each with a 24-page activity book, that features classic musical tales such as The Nutcracker, Peter & the Wolf, the Story of Swan Lake, and the Tortoise & the Hare. In the activity books, your child will have fun solving musical puzzles and games while learning important musical concepts and vocabulary.

Pair listening to classics with the coloring above, and you have cozy, enriching plans for the whole family for months – and an appreciation for the arts that will last a lifetime. It’s at a great price right now. Click on the picture above to check it out.

Sounds Like Fun Shake Rattle Roll

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

Get ready to jam with your’uns with this handcrafted set of musical instruments! Whether you’re a seasoned musician, or there’s a spark of musical interest in your family – this set of musical instruments is guaranteed fun for the whole family. The wooden set includes seven pieces: A bucket drum with a natural skin head, a pair of drumsticks, a single jingle stick, a handled castanet and a pair of mini maracas. It also includes a parent-friendly activity guide with fun ideas on how to use the instruments to encourage child development.

eMedia Play Piano Deluxe

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

For beginner pianists wanting to become more skilled and confident players, the eMedia Play Piano Pack Deluxe is an amazing value!

This package not only includes a high-quality, full-size keyboard, but it also comes with two full piano courses containing over 450 lessons taught by instructors from the Juilliard School of Music. The piano course software contains videos and interactive feedback technologies to help your child learn quickly and understand lessons more easily. Before your teen knows it, they’ll be proficient at playing piano chords, reading sheet music, and performing solos!

Violin Starter Set

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

It’s easy for anyone ages 5 and up to learn how to play the violin! My daughter has one but she has a very short attention span, just like most kids. This violin set solves that because the computer-based violin lessons installed are just a few minutes long for her to learn and appreciate. Brilliant!

In the lessons, an animated character named Val the Violin guides students through lessons by New York City Ballet violinist Sabina Skalar. eMedia My Violin guides you through the core elements of violin playing in over 160 lessons. It covers such basics as proper violin, hand and finger position, the elements of correct bowing technique, how to tune the instrument and play rhythmic tunes. Games make learning fun, and your child will learn songs that they can share with friends!

eMedia Teach Yourself Acoustic Guitar

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

Empower kids to create music!

Does your child dream of taking center stage to share their art with the world? Gift the tools of artistic expression for the holidays. This Guitar Starter Set has everything your child needs to start learning acoustic guitar and become the next Eric Clapton, Jack Johnson or Ed Sheeran!

In the Guitar Starter Set, kids get a quality beginner acoustic guitar with a resonant, bold sound. The computer lessons allow kids to learn at their own pace. The lessons use video instruction to illustrate the proper technique and guide your child through how to tune a guitar, how to play simple guitar chords, and all the guitar basics. Guitar lessons are fun when kids practice with the 70 songs across a multitude of styles with hits made famous by Bob Dylan, Steve Miller, the Rolling Stones, and others.

Electric Guitar and Lessons

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

This electric guitar starter kit is the complete package designed to let first-time musicians start rocking!

At some point in their life, no matter how briefly, everyone dreams of being a rockstar. Performing in front of thousands, selling out huge stadiums and touring the world are just a few of the draws. But even the biggest names in music started somewhere.

Lesson plans and music tutors can cost a ton of money, time, and energy and might not even work, but there is a solution that does. The Alfred Music Electric Guitar starter set is the perfect place for any aspiring rock legends to start their journey. For one reasonable price, your child will get a high-quality 3/4-size Firebrand™ electric guitar, portable amplifier, gig bag carrying case with straps, Firebrand™ portable electronic tuner with batteries included, a set of Firebrand™ guitar picks, and the Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course (Book, CD, DVD and Software).

There isn’t a better value out there. You get the book, CD, DVD, Software, beautiful 3/4 size electric guitar for kids, padded carrying case, amp, tuner with batteries included, guitar picks: everything. Rock on!

Hands-On Art Activities

What a Color World Poster from Pirasta

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

It’s a wonderful world to give gifts of music and art! And this giant coloring poster is just what the doctor ordered for quiet creative time this holiday season.

The huge poster map (63″ x 36″) gives scale and context to our globe. Details include a delightful celebration of cultural diversity, from traditional dress and historical landmarks to iconic foods and natural wonders. It’s definitely a conversation starter.

You can lay it on the ground and invite friends to join in, hang it on the wall with painter’s tape, or even tape it to the ceiling or under a table to unleash your child’s inner Michelangelo. These posters, by the way, are printed with vegetable ink on recycled content paper. Pretty cool.

Welcome Box + 1 Month History Unboxed

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

A great way for kids to live history, and bring context to modern life.

History Unboxed is perfect for any family that wants to get kids more involved in studying history. Recipes, crafts, art, myths, and relatable details enable students to experience history with many of their senses and form a lasting and meaningful bond with the past. And the best part? Everything ships right to your door. All you have to do is open the box and start learning.

The adventure begins when the first box arrives at your doorstep. As your child completes the art activities in the box, they will be time traveling with brother and sister duo Zane and Ava.

Zane and Ava magically travel through time, and their adventures will present the time period to your child through the activities in the box. Each month will feature a different time and place with hands-on crafts, activities, and art so that your child can learn about history in a memorable and exciting way.

Artists of the World Kit

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

Add history to art projects for hands-on learning!

This complete ‘experiential’ enrichment learning kit for children offers 10+ hours of hands-on learning. The kit contains all resources and materials required for the program – making it easy for parents to get kids started with limited hand-holding.

This kit introduces kids to 6 world famous artists through activities, multimedia interaction, games, and puzzles. Through this program, your child will appreciate art, recognize the work of top artists, recreate his/her own masterpieces and enjoy the fun lessons. The kit covers Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Monet, Michelangelo, Picasso, and Warhol.

Famous Artists Study

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

Help your young artist “de-code DaVinci” and different kinds of visual expression from the greats.

In this online course, art students will study 10 renowned artists and discover 10 art movements in history. The Famous Artist Online Unit Study is all tied together by creating art exhibits about each artist in a virtual art gallery. Watch videos and visit websites to learn about the artists’ lives and styles and create masterpieces inspired by each artist. No downloads, books or papers are needed. Everything is just a click away.

Photography & Design

Design Your Own Fashion Portfolio

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

Fashion-forward kids will love this Fashion Design course, and you will love that your child is learning a unique and applicable skill!

While your child creates their own fashion collection, they’ll be learning important graphic design skills that can be used in a variety of careers, gaining fashion business knowledge, and working within a professional design program. Plus, parents love that this is a safe learning environment where kids design age-appropriate garments.

Shutter Teacher Photography Lessons

Gifts of Music and Art for your Kids

Photography is a great way for students who lack the ability to draw or paint explore their creative side. From the great outdoors to food, or to machines – no matter what your child is interested in, there is a way for them to explore it through photography. This downloadable lesson is great for students who want to be able to work on their own time at their own pace.

Included in this package is 15 downloadable pages of lessons covering the history of photography, the photographer’s toolkit, exposure, camera settings, lighting, composition, and careers in photography, lesson plans & instructor notes – explains how to structure the class/course, a printable card game – laminate and use as a learning game, a printable sheet of photographer badges and much more. It’s at a great price right now. Click on the picture above to learn more.

These are just some of the beautiful gifts of music and art for your kids that you can find on Educents. Start them young and watch them become the next American Idol!  Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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