What Is Manifest Destiny?

Morse at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Morse is a songwriter/poet that is passionate about promoting peace and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims through his music and poetry. He is currently writing a play called Manifest Destiny, which is a love story between fictional characters, Haj Bhutto, the Prime Minister of the Sultan of Sulu and Elena Cortiz, an American teacher who teamed up to bring education, sanitation, peace, and prosperity to a Muslim society in the southern Philippines.

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Morsidy Husin’s work:

Manifest Destiny
For Malala
I’m sick and Tired of all the Killings
Let’s Get Along Easy
This is Life
Make It Happen

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What Is Manifest Destiny?

“What is Manifest Destiny?” Melody and Lyrics by Morsidy Husin

What is your destiny? What is my destiny?
Let’s work together in collaboration to manifest our common prosperity
In here & now & in our society: To give bright futures to our children; & peace & progress to our community…

What is Manifest Destiny—-it’s our common destiny
It’s not about “white nationalism” or subjugating other races on this planet earth
It’s not about a “superior race”, claiming superiority over another
It’s not about a superpower nation’s greed, expanding territories from east to west
And crossing the Pacific Ocean to grab a distant land in the Far East…

What is Manifest Destiny: It’s our common destiny…
It’s about the passions of human beings working hard to pursue their dreams
It’s about doing something good; and striving to manifest a dream into reality.
It’s about spreading education & cooperation; and founding peace & order in a society.

(Refrain: What is Manifest Destiny?)

It’s about diplomacy without pre-conditions; a mere conversation to explore solutions—-to the problems that pester human relations when pride & arrogance get in the way…
It’s about working together as partners; not hating someone else for skin color or religion
It’s about having strength of character & enlightenment: A life with a purpose & objectives
to create your own miracles & destiny…!

Let’s live in peace & harmony
Let’s live in peace & harmony
Let’s live in peace & harmony for the common good
For the greater good…

A thousand schools; a thousand roads
A thousand teachers; a thousand thoughts
We’re building nations; we’re building trust
We’re helping people—to govern themselves effectively
For the common good…

It’s our “Manifest Destiny” to spread our ways and democracy
It’s our obligation from above to share the wisdom around the globe
For the common good
For the greater good

Manifest destiny, manifest destiny
it’s our fate from birth to teach the earth
Manifest destiny, manifest destiny
To bring education and sanitation and liberty
For all humanity—to live in harmony
To live in love and peace

We’re not here to subjugate this land
We’re not here to boss around
Just to teach democracy and freedom
Effective management & good governance
For the common good…

To teach them progress and development
Sanitation and good health care system
It’s our destiny to share the wisdom
Around the world and to all mankind
For the common good…
For the greater good.

(Repeat Chorus)

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For Malala

“For Malala.” Melody and Lyrics by Morsidy Husin

For Malala
(Education is the Key to Peace & Progress)

Education is the key to peace & progress
Education is the key to love & patience
Love & peace is what we all wish for as human beings
We don’t want destruction & misery—
The fruits of endless wars…

Education opens up our minds
Universal knowledge is useful in this life (& the hereafter)
Caring teachers to teach our children well
Of science, arts & discipline:
To explore the world & learn…

“Seek knowledge even in China” the Prophet said
It’s our obligation to study, read & learn…(as Muslims)
Sharing ideas of every culture & every region in the world:
From China to India to Egypt Greece & Persia
Let’s embrace universal wisdom—
For the common good…!

He also said: “The ink of scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr…”
“Read!” said the Holy Book (“Iqra!”); read & you will see…
That you shine brighter to the universe by nurturing the human race
Than taking life away from anyone—Leave that job to Almighty…!
(repeat chorus)

“Seek education from cradle to the grave,” he said further
A true believer does not inflict cruelty or injustice to another…
That he respect the rights of others to live in peace;
that he finds happiness in tolerance—in sharing & in fairness…
(repeat chorus)

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I’m Sick and Tired of All the Killings

“I’m Sick and Tired of All the Killings” Melody and Lyrics by Morsidy Husin

I’m sick & tired of all the killings & all the bombings in the world…!
I’m sick & tired of all the killings of innocent civilians around the world
How did this ideology of hate & destruction come to twist the minds of many young people
Into blowing away their lives…?

I’m sick & tired of all the killings—of women & children around the world…!
I’m sick & tired of all the destruction & all the cruelty done under the guise of my religion
But: Suicide; killing of civilians; destruction of properties are forbidden in our religion
Open your minds, brothers & sisters—
Think straight, read well, & have compassion towards humanity…

At 17 I was a refugee
We had no drinking water; and no food to eat
We slept in the open fields amidst the mortal rounds…
Exploding all around us, killing innocent civilians

I watched my hometown burning to the ground
As tanks bombarded every building down…
Fighter planes fired from the sky in the early morning hours
Too much killings in the 70s; still too much killings going on right now…!

The Prophet said education is a duty (for all Muslims)
Male or female—just the same
We should devote out times to studying more…
Than to killing people we perceive are different from us all (like the sufis, shi’a, etc..)
If God had wanted us all to be identical; He would have willed so right from the very start.

I’m sick & tired of all the killings…! Why can’t we just get along…?
I’m sick & tired of all the killings…! Why can’t we just have peace, love & compassion…?
All religions have one universal message: To love one another & feed the poor.

I’m pleading with you all, young generations: Not to waste your lives on the wrong direction…
I’m pleading with you all, young generations: To use reason & common sense; & stay in school
Life is a sacred gift from the Almighty: Strive to fulfill your promise, & do something praiseworthy…
Yes, strive to fulfill your promise; and do something praiseworthy…!

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Let’s Get Along Easy

“Let’s Get Along Easy” Melody and Lyrics by Morsidy Husin

(America: Still A Beacon of Hope)

Let’s get along easy—not hate; not fight…
Let’s get along easy—stress-free & happy
Let’s along kind & caring—in peace & love & understanding
(Harmonica & lead guitar)

We’re all in this together…
The same boat, the same journey
Let’s learn from one another’s culture & wisdom
There’s no need for hate & bigotry
Let’s live in peace & harmony…
(Harmonica & lead guitar)

A beacon of hope—for poor people around the world
A beacon of peace—for persecuted people & refugees
A symbol of equality & justice against repressive rules
In an ocean of stormy weather: You are a lighthouse
With safe harbor…

Let’s co-exist easy: Not hate; not fight.
Let’s co-exist easy: stress-free and happy
Let’s co-exist past the labels of religions and ideologies
We’re all just the same human beings—
Wishing the same peace and prosperity for our friends and families…

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This is Life

“This is Life (For Tatjana)” Melody and Lyrics by Morsidy Husin

When the sea breeze blows so cold and strong
When your blue sky turns so dark in storm
Believe in yourself that the storm will end…

When your trust is broken and your heart is cold
And your spirit is weary, and you’re depressed and feeling old
Believe in yourself that the tide will turn—very soon

You are given in chance to fine-tune your life
A lifetime of lessons to evolve yourself…
Just hunker down a while and be at peace with your life
In the end, the night will dawn into day
The sun will burn the fog away
Just don’t be senseless and hasty and be a fool
This is life
Yeah, this is life: The ebb and flow, oh…
This is life: The night and day; the pain and laughter; the love and heartache…

Nurture your spirit with positive point of view
Strengthen your resolve to start anew…

This is your time to shine
A time to bloom and fly…
You are a butterfly—fluttering in midair
This is your new beginning: A rebirth and renaissance; a transformation unfolding…
Go and celebrate your life…!
Walk in love; walk in peace; walk in harmony…
With everyone…
This is life.

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Make it Happen

“Make It Happen (For Kamillah)” Melody and Lyrics by Morsidy Husin

The world our there is frantic and disorganized
My future looks uncertain as it unravels…
I’m not sure what will happen to my adolescent life;
I’m not sure what I’m doing here across this vast Pacific Ocean…!

My mind is troubled; my tomorrow is undefined
But I don’t have time to be scared now; or sit in the corner and mope around…
I don’t have time to be timid or indecisive or tentative (on my steps forward)
Please show me a sign Lord—on which road on these crossroads to walk along…
I need to get over myself to accomplish my objectives…
I can’t be restricted by fear or anxiety or the convenience of my home
I have to get out of my comfort zone to get what I really wanted:
To embrace opportunities with all my heart; and to figure out what I really want to do with my life…!
And then, make it happen…! Yeah, make it happen…!

Maybe I would be scared tomorrow
Maybe I would be timid tomorrow
Maybe I’d doubt my future tomorrow
But not today—I have a brand new day to shore up my courage
To accomplish my goals
Today, I am brave; today I am special…!

Maybe tomorrow I would be anxious
Maybe tomorrow I would be troubled
Maybe tomorrow I would be aimless
But not today (uh uh…!) I have a brand new day…!
Today: I have a brand new day to work on my (fighting) spirit
A brand new day to realize my dreams…!

And since tomorrow never comes…! I’m forever confident!
And since tomorrow never arrives…! I’m forever courageous!
And since tomorrow is always a day to come, I’m forever punctual and positive
In my life, every day…! starting today…!

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