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There are tons of musical instruments on sale at Lazada that I’m really digging right now. Doesn’t matter if you’re a singer, drummer, bassist, guitarist, trumpet player… Lazada’s got you covered! I recently bought a set of D’Addario electric guitar strings for my Hamer Flying V here. 

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Gauge 9 – my favorite for those low crunches, and at 27% off regular price. Pretty good deal. Safely ordered online and got it within 3 business days as advertised. Didn’t have to wait on line, got free shipping, items are perfect equals happiness. Good job Lazada! I might go ahead and make a big purchase of this 7-string guitar that I’ve been salivating on. With a 24-month installment plan, I just might pull the trigger! I’m also looking for a guitar amp because my Washburn amp is on its way to amp heaven. RIP… and a Karaoke ain’t no guitar amp. Old school baby.  This Marshall digital combo amp will be a perfect replacement. I think I need this more than the 7 string.

I want my 2-year old daughter to start playing the drums. I want controlled volume though for my sanity, as well as the rest of the family’s and my neighbors. This electronic drum set would be perfect for her. Well, not really for her but for me until she’s big enough to use it. Ha! We have a WOW Magic Sing at home that the fambam uses, and it’s actually cheaper here in Lazada. Available in installments too! Grrrr. Should have gone straight to them.

Calling all #musicians from the #Philippines! Get your #instruments at Lazada and save! Free shipping within the Metro! Click To Tweet

No matter what age group you belong to, Lazada’s got you covered. If you’re a musician or just love music, check out their wide variety of musical instruments. Free shipping within the Metro!
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