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Muslim youth charity project called Kapamagogopa Inc is investing on the Muslim youth volunteering for peace in the conflict-ridden region of Mindanao, The Philippines. These young men and women will work with organizations in the area to promote peace and development – a dream that has yet to be realized after 500 years of disputes. They will serve as role models for the future generation of Muslim youth in the region which will hopefully break the vicious cycle of religious radicalism and ignorance.

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Taken from their website:


We recruit and train young Muslims from tribes across Mindanao. After a rigorous selection process, the successful candidates receive 6 weeks development training. They are placed for 1 year in partner organizations working for peace and development.

Long-Term Impact

The project will train 30 volunteers breaking the stereotype of Muslims who are only seen as recipients and giving them the chance to work in multi-cultural societies. Through their placements they will help with delivering services to 150,000 people.

Muslim Youth Charity Needs Your Help

They’ve raised $10,631 as of this time. They need $30,000 to get this going. Please donate any amount that you can. Don’t let this beautiful place become the next breeding ground for unenlightened radicals. There are over 2 billion Muslims in the world and growing. If Islam was truly a religion of war, we would all be dead. Donate, feel good, and make the world a better place. Check out their video and donate here.


You can donate once:
$10 provides 1 volunteer with a support kit for 1 year.
$25 provides life and accident insurance for 1 volunteer for 1 year.
$35 transportation for 1 volunteer to visit 5 remote communities.
$50 provides training for 1 volunteer in a 5-day course in development skills.
$70 support for 1 volunteer for 1 month.
You can also donate these amounts monthly which will automatically be taken out of your payment option every month. Donate now.

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