Why Pemmican is The Ultimate Survival Food & How To Make It

native american on a horse hunting a bison

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If you’re looking for the ultimate survival food that’s great for all types of emergency situations or for your next adventure, consider the pemmican. Pemmican is a portable, highly nutritious and long-lasting food that was invented by the native peoples of North America.

Traditionally, bison, moose, deer, and elk meat were used by Native Americans to make pemmican. However, any other meat can work. It is a concentrated mixture of fat and protein that can give a full-grown man high energy all day long.

Ten pounds of pemmican can supply two full weeks of camping activities at ¾ of a pound per day, providing 2200 calories. In survival mode, the same ten pounds will supply energy for almost a full month.

It’s the ideal food for survivalists and adventurers. Here are other reasons as to why the pemmican is the ultimate survival food.

Can last a very long time without refrigeration

Not only is pemmican portable food that’s full of nutrients, it can last a lifetime without refrigeration.

In the 19th century, British soldiers had an iron ration (an emergency ration of preserved meat, cheese, biscuit, salt, sugar, and tea) that included four ounces of pemmican. Many of the pemmican was found intact and edible as much as 50 years later.

Pemmican creates very little waste

Since it uses both the fat and the lean meat of the animal, it creates very little waste which is important in a survival situation. You would want to maximize your resources without wasting anything.

Does not require a lot of tools to cook

Cooking pemmican is very simple. It does not need any special cooking equipment and does not require a lot of tools. Therefore, cooking it is a simple process that is perfect for any survival or wilderness situation.

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How to make the pemmican – the ultimate survival food

Pemmican is the ultimate survival food that’s not only great for any survival or adventure but for everyday home meals too. Here’s how to make your own life-saving pemmican brought to you by The Lost Ways.

How to make the ultimate survival food video

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Preparedness is the only way we can combat natural disaster.

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