Giveaways and Contests Submission
Your giveaway link must be live upon submission. It must have a specific end date and does not contain any adult or illegal items. It cannot be a duplicate of any giveaway that is already posted on the website. It also must clearly state who can enter. reserves the right to modify the formatting of listings to adapt the style of the site or reject any giveaway or contest that may not suit the interests of our subscribers and/or does not comply with our specified guidelines.
Enter the title of your giveaway/contest and who can enter, as well as the end date (i.e. Win a laptop! Worldwide Giveaway! Ends 1/1/2018.)
Give a brief description of the prize many winners can win, and how much the prize is if possible.
Briefly describe how to enter the giveaway or contest.
If you choose Other Country, please specify the country in the Prize Details.

If approved, please wait at least 5 days to see your giveaway. Sorry, but I do get a lot of submissions.

You can upgrade to a Featured Listing (below) if you want your giveaway to be prioritized and to be posted within 24 hours.

Want to upgrade to a featured listing?

Featured Listing features ($5.00 through PayPal)

* Get your giveaway published within 24 hours
* Facebook promotion at (1 per week until giveaway ends)
* Twitter promotion at (1 every day for a week until giveaway ends – you get to choose the time)
* Pinterest promotion at (once only)
* A unique search engine-optimized blog post about your giveaway
* 1 email blast to UbosOras subscribers

If interested, email me with your giveaway details at [email protected]

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